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Creative Tech Festival


22 Feb / 7pm-9pm / South Essex College

Starting Your Tech Career

Networking event with an introductory masterclass on getting started with tech.

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  • Where to start on your tech career path
  • How to identify local networks to help on your journey
  • What career opportunities there are locally
This event will offer:
  • Free workshop training and TED-style talks for young adults and/or residents to spark interest and build skills.
  • Building and managing an active tech community by identifying tech professionals within the borough and surrounding areas to engage in mentorship and skill development.
  • Facilitating connections between corporate and tech firms with the local community.
  • Providing networking opportunities to accelerate careers and foster innovative collaborations between local businesses.


Thursday 22nd February

7pm - 9pm


South Essex College - Centre for Digital Technologies – Basildon
College Way
SS14 1GP


About the organiser

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At Technergise, we’re driven by a singular passion: to ignite the flames of collaboration and knowledge-sharing within local communities. Our platform stands as a vibrant community, bringing together professionals from a myriad of tech fields to embark on an exciting journey of discovery. Through meaningful interactions, we aim to empower individuals, local businesses, and the council to harness emerging technologies and local talents to drive innovation.