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_LAB Photography competition


During the Creative Tech Fest _LAB event, held at Towngate Theatre, we invited young attendees to enter a photography competition. The brief was simple - we encouraged photographers to think about the festival themes of INSPIRE, GROW/BUILD and EVOLVE, and how to capture examples of the themes in action whilst visiting the various talks, stands and activties.

Expert advice and guidance was available from professional photographer, Tom Coles, at the Get Shot Studios stand.

The judging panel was thrilled with the quality of entries and the range of ages, with our youngest entrant being just 7 years old.

Unfortunately there could only be 2 winners, with each of these receiving a Lenovo Tab M10 (HD).


Harrison Clark. Age 12 - Feel Immersed

'Feel Immersed'


Harrison Clark - Age 12

Harrison submitted a triptych of images showing a person light-painting in VR during an activity by Screen South.

The judges were particularly impressed by the composition of the image and the creative angle that it was taken at, so that the subject almost mirrors the subject in the poster in the background.

'Building the future'


Oscar Ballinger - Age 10

Any of Oscar's 3 entries could have been a winner! The judges were extremely impressed with his creative eye and interesting shots that really captured the spirit of the event.

Oscar's winning image is of a participant in STEAM Powered Education's wind turbines activity.

The judges felt that Oscar's choice of a very close-up shot with shallow depth of field was effective in capturing the attention to detail, focus and intricacy required for the activity. 

Oscar Ballinger. Age 10 - Building the Future


Sean. Age 7 - Infrared Frank and Co
Edward. Age 8 - Playtime
Skylar George - Age 9 - Wind Turbine

Infrared frank and co


Sean - age 7

Sean's image shows Leonardo's thermal imaging tech in action. Judges appreciated the framing of the image and the use of the remote control in the foreground to contextualise the otherwise spooky image.



edward - age 8

Edward's shot shows young people playing Disney Illusion Island by Dlala Studios. Judges remarked on how the shot angle captured the wavy lines of cables, complementing the wavy lines on screen.

Wind turbine


skylar george - age 9

Skylar's subject was a wind turbine and fans from the STEAM Powered Education activity. Judges were intrigued by Skylar's creative shot angle and the interesting lines within the image produced as a result.

Jessie-leigh - Age 10 - Wind Turbines

wind turbines


Jessie-leigh - age 10

Jessie-leigh also chose to shoot the popular wind turbines activity.

Judges thought this photo had a great composition and was framed well.

Selina. Age 8 - Creative Gaming

creative gaming


selina -
age 8

Selina's shot shows a young man enjoying the Dlala Studios stand.

Judges loved how the angle captured reflected light so well and all the complementary colours.

Oscar Ballinger. Age 10 - Let There Be Light
Oscar Ballinger. Age 10 - The Magic of Footprints

let there be light!


by oscar Ballinger - age 10

Judges were impressed with Oscar's close-up of a dollhouse interior being lit with mini wind turbines, which they noted was beautifully composed.

the magic of footprints!


by oscar ballinger - age 10

Oscar's third submission captured the thermal imaging output at such an angle so it almost appears the animated characters in the background poster are part of the image!

Thanks to all who entered and congratulations to our winners.


Special thanks to Tom Coles from Get Shot Studios for providing guidance and inspiration on the day, and to all the organisations that provided excellent activities to capture!

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