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Creative Tech Festival


12 + 13 Feb / School Workshops

Creative Digital Workshops

Schools workshops where pupils learn new skills and create digital work

  • Practical animation creation
  • Design and build a video game using Construct software
  • Learn from industry professionals


Two schools workshops will provide insights into working creatively with digital technologies supporting students to become digital creators rather than just consumers.  Digital arts workshops can spark debate, inspire and motivate participants.

Animation workshop: Practical animation creation that can be linked to a project theme or any subject. Pupils will create short animations using drawings, found objects or craft materials. They will create and animate short sequence and use postproduction tools to digitally amend or augment the work.

Games Design: Pupils will design and build their own video games using Construct software, learning game design skills.

All participants will gain creative digital skills and improve their tech confidence.  Workshops will be taught by experienced workshop leaders with professional industry experience.

Signals uses free software so participants can continue to create and develop skills in their own time.


*** Please note, these workshops are happening within a school setting, so don't have public booking links. Visit the Signals website to find out about other upcoming open access workshops and courses.

About the organiser

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Signals is a centre for creative digital learning. We work in film, animation and digital arts and use digital production for social, learning and creative outcomes.

We’re a multi-award-winning arts and education charity that provides courses, workshops and projects across the region.

Signals is a regional resource working with communities, children, young people and supporting professional development.